Composition fittings

Composition fittings

A large part of deliveries that meet most customer requirements is carried out with the help of our logistics center in Zwenka near Leipzig (Germany). In one of the largest warehouses (about 4000 m2), we have a wide range of industrial fittings adapted to the needs of our customers. Our production department allows us to meet specific, non-standard customer requirements, such as:

  • ‍Assembly and movement tests of drives (electric, pneumatic, hydraulic)
  • Installation of positioners, position indicators, position locks, additional stuffing of the stuffing box
  • Specialized valve equipment
  • Maintenance, repair, reconstruction
  • Fashion cations of fittings
  • Delivery of spare parts
  • “Degreasing” – procedure for fittings intended for oxygen installations

We also offer a large spectrum of tests and tests, such as:

  • Tests of strength, tightness and functional tests
  • Spectroscopic analysis of alloy steel components (PMI test)
  • Surface quality control using magnetic powder defectoscopy and penetrant (MPT and LPT)
  • Volume tests using ultrasound and X-rays (RTG)
  • Hardness and roughness tests, e.g. seats, flange rebate.

You can use our service and mobile service anywhere in the case of inspections, maintenance, repairs and other maintenance services to be carried out directly on the installation.

We guarantee quick fittings delivery for the needs related to unplanned shutdowns or maintenance and inspection work.

In addition, in cooperation with the Eriks group, we have access to over 1 million items with a total value of € 50 million available through the on-line warehouse management system.

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We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer including industrial valves, we offer wedge gate valves, block valves (mushroom valves), ball valves, check valves and many other products.