Econosto Group

Econosto Group is an international group of trading companies based on technical knowledge with branches in Europe and beyond. Operating in many world markets, we provide customers with the highest quality industrial valves, valves, instrumentation, gaskets and a wide range of accessories. Customers from all over the world are willing to use our products such as ball valves, flange dampers, gate valves, check valves and damper valves.

Econosto concentrates its activity mainly on the sale of engineering products for clients representing the chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas extraction and processing industries, as well as professional energy and water and sewage management. Additional and equally important industries are OEM, shipbuilding and service and maintenance companies.

The range of the offer includes a complete line of products manufactured exclusively for and by Econosto. The range of high quality products Econosto® and Econ® is additionally supplemented by a wide range of recognized producers.

This allows Econosto to offer complete solutions for every industry application.
Econ® brand products are known to users around the world and have a reliable reputation for over 100 years.

Well-educated engineers and an experienced Design and Research Department ensure proper optimization of our products in relation to the needs of customers and a good value for money.

The quality of our products has been confirmed by the majority of international notifying bodies. They are also compliant with the majority of international standards such as DIN / EN, ANSI, ASME, JIS, AFNOR and BS. Our actions are effective and efficient.

Customers often look for one supplier with a wide range of products and require their availability and delivery within the required time. The Econosto company is a reliable partner, a specialist in its field and a flexible supplier, putting the expectations of customers always in the first place.

In everyday contacts with clients we pay special attention to their expectations, we also actively respond to their needs regarding products, technical innovations, logistics and other services.

All companies included in the group have their own storage space and composition including a large number of available products. In addition, they are supported by an automated logistics center in the Netherlands.

Using our modern communication tools, our clients can place orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a guarantee of fast and efficient delivery.

A large selection of products, fully automated logistics centers and various delivery options – these are the most important assets of our company.

Thanks to the advanced system of order fulfillment and deliveries, we can check the status of order fulfillment at any time and deliver it quickly to any place around the world.

Product catalog

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer including industrial valves, we offer wedge gate valves, block valves (mushroom valves), ball valves, check valves and many other products.