Siekmann Econosto

Siekmann Econosto - 50 years of experience

Siekmann Econosto is one of the largest European suppliers of industrial fittings, associated equipment and seals used in power plants, the oil and gas industry, in chemical and petrochemical companies, in transmission pipelines and in ecological processing plants.

Siekmann Econosto is more than a traditional supplier

We provide solutions for industrial valves and accompanying accessories, required by international engineering and construction companies, power plants, oil and gas extraction and processing plants, and the chemical industry. We are therefore your consultant, technical partner, manufacturer, specialist in the field of logistics and after-sales partner.

For many years we have been involved in strategic partnerships with leading corporations in areas such as engineering of oil and gas extraction and processing plants as well as building installations (eg Linde, Lurgi and Technip), power plant engineering (eg Siemens, Alstom and E .ON) or the chemical industry, including operating companies (such as Shell, Total and OMV).

The scope of Siekmann Econosto’s services

We provide professional advice in the field of products and delivery of complete industrial fittings packages. We also coordinate the activities of various manufacturers in the field of picking deliveries and prefabrication and modification of fittings together with the assembly of drives.

Our company provides project documentation (3D models) and controls the production process, order acceptance, packaging and delivery to the customer. We also prepare project documentation, test and control certificates and acceptance reports. We provide training for our clients’ staff in the field of operation and maintenance of industrial fittings. As part of our comprehensive offer, you can also take advantage of after-sales services, inspections and repairs. We offer professional training for design offices.

The industries we work with:

  • International design offices and engineering companies
  • Executive companies (complete installations and pipelines) and boiler manufacturers
  • End users and operators of the installation
  • Service and commercial companies

Siekmann Econosto and the needs of users of industrial installations

Thanks to our new logistics center in Zwenka near Leipzig, we can respond quickly and without delay to the needs of users of industrial installations related to maintenance. In one of the largest assemblies of fittings and gaskets in Europe (about 4’000 m2), we constantly maintain inventory of the tested range in accordance with DIN and ANSI standards, also modified for customer applications.

In addition to the supply of a standard program of industrial fittings and gaskets, we are also able to modify, examine and document all individual deliveries in accordance with the needs of customers. It is possible due to the possessed capabilities as a producer and also due to our production facilities in Zwenka.

We guarantee 24-hour deliveries for the needs related to unplanned shutdowns or maintenance works / reviews (full availability of the assumed deliveries).

In cooperation with the ERIKS group, over 1 million items with a total value of € 50 million are available using the on-line storage management system.

You can use our service and mobile service anywhere in the case of inspections, maintenance, repairs and other maintenance services to be carried out directly on the installation.

From standard product to special execution and fittings

In our company, we care about compliance with our highest standards. In the event that our delivery program does not meet customer needs, we will adapt it to your wishes.

We provide:

  • ‍Modifications
  • automation
  • Maintenance, repair, extension
  • Regeneration and exchange
  • Specialized valve equipment
  • Delivery of spare parts

Product catalog

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer including industrial valves, we offer wedge gate valves, block valves (mushroom valves), ball valves, check valves and many other products.